6 Elements of Modern Website Design

When do customers find a website attractive?

When they find it is modern, with the trend and inclusive of elements that would tell them that this website is going to be their best choice. You may find yourself asking a lot of questions when designing a modern website. Like, should the design be speaking minimalism or bold? But whatever you are going to choose, it should not hurt the user experience.

If the user experience is great you can expect better engagement and thereby good conversion rates. With constant evolution in web design trends, it is necessary to comprehend how exactly a website should be designed and the elements to include as it is the only way you can connect with the audience and attract more visitors.

To start with there are many elements to choose from and it will be challenging to pick the best, which is of some worth. To help you narrow down the options, I’ll be explaining 5 best elements that would define your website with modernity.

Know these 6 Modern Web Design Elements   

ELEMENT #1: Responsive Design

  • How important is it for a website to be mobile-friendly? Your website should completely appreciate the importance of mobile-responsive design. Your website content should move with fluidity across every device, keeping in mind that every user is having uniform experience.
  • 60% of internet access is mostly mobile- the increase in mobile usage, for this reason alone, websites needs to be responsive in their designs. It is a common complaint that most of the people having issues with a static website on smaller devices. In fact, 44% of Smartphone users accounted to having terrible experience opening a static website on their device.
  • As for web designers, if you make use of responsive technology, you can address such issues by making a single code work across multiple screen resolutions. Actually, the responsive design, you cannot call it an element, but since everything relies on this factor, I felt the need to include it within this list.

ELEMENT #2: Large & Responsive Hero Images

  • A tactic commonly found in the modern website is using hero images. Hero images are high-resolution images that completely take up space on the homepage and usually will be visible above the fold.
  • Hero images accompanied with attractive headers capture visitors interest instantly. The portfolio of Andrew Elsass is a solid example, where the author himself has featured for the hero image and in few fire words have explained how he is a benefit if you take his service.
  • And it is not just the homepage, this technique he has utilized in each one of the web pages of his website, which is truly something noticeable.
  • So what is really a hero image for a website?
  • You have something very important for your website and you want people to look up to it, so use it as a hero image.
  • Now coming to the responsive part, you may find hero images embedded with text, in such cases, if the website is viewed on a smaller screen device, the text will appear too small for the naked eye.
  • This is a bad trait for a website. But there is a solution for this. Web designers can separate the text from images, put it in HTML, and use CSS to overlay the image.

ELEMENT #3: Full-Screen Background Videos

  • Videos have the power to entice and keep someone hooked at least for some time. A beautiful form of visual communication, you can find most of the websites having a full-screen background video on their homepage.
  • What another way can you find for telling your brand story? You hear this everywhere, every time, ‘tell your brand story’ or ‘convey your brand message’, what could be better than a video?
  • Earlier, websites suffered a lot with loading times due to the flash videos. Today, things have developed so much that with HTML5, CSS3, and various other JavaScript techniques it is possible to make videos run smoothly on the websites.

ELEMENT #4: Clean & Bold Typography

  • Typography has always been the most messed up part in website designing. For instance, if a hero image is being used; a prominent header is to be included so it looks engaging. If that is not the case, then the web users will not find the website interesting irrespective of the bold appearance.
  • Typography trends change every year. Because every time there is a need to enhance the story and brand owners want to drive emotions in a better way. Also, through the typography, you can tell who you are.
  • Are you fun or serious? Modern? Approachable? The typography also gives subtle hints about other factors and helps you shape your brand voice.
  • One thing you have to be careful while choosing a font is to pick one that is supported by common browsers and computers, if not your website will look awkward for the viewers.

ELEMENT #5: An Attractive Call-to-Action

  • Modern or classic, a website should have a call-to-action and it should be proper. The design should be attractive, colors should be relevant, the text used should offer something to the customers, and finally, it should have a logic place.
  • Think CTA as the power button on your website. Whether you need leads or conversions CTA is important.
  • And since Smartphones are everywhere you have to make sure they are responsive and designed conveniently for the mobile users.

ELEMENT #6: Hamburger Menus

  • Website navigation – your design can make it either a maze or map. If you want users to have clear experience using your website, the navigation path should be good. Good as in properly structured.
  • I’ll take the most common example, Google Chrome, I’m sure you use it every day, so if you observe the right corner, you find Hamburger Menu. Facebook, BBC, there are other popular websites with this button. A hamburger menu is represented by three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. The idea here is to give users an easy access to any page on the website irrespective of where he is currently on.
  • So what do you say?
  • The best way to give a complete appearance to your modern website is to have a clear and concise hamburger menu.

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