Our Ecommerce PPC Management services expertise

Advertisements That Get Noticed

You’ve worked hard to create a fantastic website that can easily promote your products. Now it’s time to team up with our PPC management company that knows how to write ad copy that engages the right demographic and provides future customers with the information they need to complete their online purchase.

Conversion Tracking

Because the goal of a PPC ad campaign is to get noticed and eventually gain new clients, Adroitte PPC management experts ensure that your campaigns are correctly set up and running. We track everything from the first internet impression through the finished product to evaluate what works and what customers respond to.

A Concentration on Keyword Research

Adroitte PPC professionals get right in after knowing more about your eCommerce business and its aims to locate the finest keywords that target qualified leads while staying within your budget. We can assist you in developing unique and compelling ad copy that attracts the correct customers and leads them to the purchase confirmation page. The plan is then launched, and we continuously analyze activity, revising the strategy as needed.

Budget Management for PPC

Adroitte is aware of how your digital advertising expenditures are spent because Pay-Per-Click advertising has a cost. We begin by conducting keyword research to determine which keywords are the most effective for your eCommerce business. Then Adroitte PPC professionals track and update your ad campaigns as needed to ensure they provide the best results.

Assessments of the PPC regularly

Adroitte can take what you have and modify and test it to get it to where it attracts- and converts- new clients, whether you want to start from zero or have an existing PPC campaign that needs a little fine-tuning to create results.

Making Use of Social-Media

While it’s necessary to create PPC campaigns for Google, Adroitte goes above and beyond by leveraging the power of social media. We create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for Facebook and other social media sites where your potential customers seek information. We keep the PPC messaging constant, educational, and engaging across all platforms because social media networking is all about developing trust and transparency.

Why choose Adroitte as your Ecommerce PPC Management services company in India?

If you are in the eCommerce sector, you’re in a great position to make money in the digital age. But how can you position yourself and your brand to get in front of the individuals who are most in need of your goods or services?

The simplest method is to develop a sound SEO and PPC plan, which our eCommerce PPC management company is well-versed in. Our eCommerce PPC professionals create keyword research plans that target your primary market and write copy that appeals to them. Furthermore, eCommerce enterprises can immediately impact internet searchers actively looking for your products by engaging in pay-per-click advertising.


Our renowned eCommerce PPC management company in India can not only help you drive clicks to your website using pay-per-click advertising. However, we can also help you update your product pages to be fresh and recognized by Google. This is yet another critical component in helping you climb to the top of the search engine pages and beat out your competitors.

Our eCommerce PPC experts use relevant, eye-catching ad language to effectively apply SEO techniques that succeed by amplifying your brand and marketing message. So, if you’re ready to expand your business and maximize your return on investment, contact us today.

About your Ecommerce PPC Management services

At Adroitte, we offer the full range of PPC management services in India, including sponsored and content page advertising from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, among others. The activities that our Campaign management Experts perform regularly are listed below. These things work together to help you get a good return on your investment (ROI) and fulfill your business goals.

  • Ad Copy should be thoroughly tested and optimized
  • Bidding tactics that are more advanced and modified by the search engine
  • Certified account managers create and implement effective campaigns
  • For thorough growth, regular optimization and essential advertising expansion are required

We use the best PPC Management system at Adroitte that is specifically designed to assist clients in achieving their Search Engine Marketing objectives. Our Pay Per Click Management Services is tailored to Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, and MSN AdCenter, as well as other major ad networks.

As a well-known PPC company in India, we know how various PPC platforms work and how they affect campaigns. Our PPC Advertising professionals ensure that your PPC investment yields the best results.

We are a highly analytical and result-oriented PPC company in India that assists in creating, implementing, managing, and evaluating unique Pay per click management programs. While the PPC Services Process follows the same set of rules, the campaigns are tailored to meet the specific needs of the projects’ various objectives. The process keeps us on track by preventing us from getting absorbed in anything less significant.

Our publisher network includes the industry’s most well-known companies, including Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and more. Startups and aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to create a free account to get the most impressive ads developed and displayed on our advertising tools to help market their brand online. These PPC campaign Management tools are the greatest at delivering quality traffic to websites since they each have their own attributes.


Ecommerce PPC Management services that are results-oriented

If you manage an eCommerce shop, you almost certainly rely on a successful PPC campaign to bring in new consumers and sales every day. We’re an eCommerce-focused agency, which means we have Google Ads experts on staff who are entirely focused on optimizing paid search campaigns for eCommerce sites.

As we all know, an eCommerce firm is a unique beast that necessitates the expertise of a Google Shopping expert and other AdWords platform subtleties. We can also manage your Bing and other PPC ads for eCommerce.

Consumers conduct 85 percent of their research online before making a purchase, according to statistics. Furthermore, 75% of individuals never go beyond the first page of search engine results (SERPs). This means you’re missing a lot of leads and sales if your target clients can’t locate your brand at the top of the SERPs.

With changing online behaviors and rising customer demands, eCommerce advertising has become the holy grail of digital marketing. eCommerce PPC is an effective marketing strategy for both small and large businesses aiming to increase income. You may use eCommerce ads to reach out to thousands of potential customers on search engines, even if you’re starting.

We’ll present you with an initial strategy to optimize the campaign based on significant research and planning. We’ll continue to alter the campaign each month moving forward, keeping a close eye on results daily. We’re also eCommerce SEO professionals who can assist you in developing a well-balanced search marketing strategy.

Here is a list of primary Ecommerce PPC management services that Adroitte has to offer:

Management of Bids

Our PPC specialist will only bid on keywords that are likely to yield a high return on investment. Bids are closely watched, with a focus on the most focused yet least competitive keywords.

Conduct keyword research to create a more substantial base

Our PPC experts will conduct an exhaustive keyword study for your business using professional tools, determining the terms that will generate the most inquiries. Those keywords frequently go beyond the obvious, giving you possibilities you’d never considered! We’ll investigate and establish the finest keywords for your campaign, from product names and SKUs to significant keywords, to ensure a great return on your investment.

Creating a campaign and writing ad copy

An engaging title and description are just as likely to garner your clicks in a PPC campaign as a successful keyword. Our in-house content writers create engaging and effective advertising copy. We’ll write compelling ads that attract qualified clicks with an in-house content and copy team. Moreover, we’ll create high-quality landing pages that convert visitors into buyers.


Why do you need E-commerce PPC Management services?

Because of its scalability and measurability, eCommerce PPC is popular among enterprises. It helps you track which eCommerce ads are effective and make adjustments as needed to achieve the best results.

Several eCommerce advertising systems, like Google AdWords, Amazon Advertising, and Google Shopping, are designed to increase traffic to your website. These PPC channels allow you to turn website traffic into clients. eCommerce advertising is an excellent strategy to attract qualified visitors from customers with high intent. It gives you the ability to:

  • Analyze advertising campaigns
  • Boost consumer confidence
  • Create a positive image for your company
  • Enhance your internet marketing tactics
  • Increase your search visibility to attract new customers
  • Make contact with your intended audience
  • Obtain a higher rate of return on investment (ROI)
  • Raising brand awareness

Through eCommerce advertising, you can get to the top of search results and attract the ideal customers to your website.

Paid search, according to recent research, accounts for an 80 percent rise in brand exposure. That’s enormous! Furthermore, 46% of users Googling specific phrases to locate information can’t tell the difference between paid ads and organic search results.

The top three results on the search engine sites receive the same percentage of clicks (90 percent of all clicks take place on that first page). This implies that a well-executed PPC campaign may help you reach the top of the SERPs and attract consumers’ attention searching for your items.

Trying to figure out PPC management on your own, on the other hand, can cost you more time and money than teaming with competent PPC professionals. So, just as we wouldn’t launch an eCommerce platform without a secure sales portal in place, you shouldn’t launch a digital marketing campaign blindly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PPC management for eCommerce?
PPC for eCommerce, often known as e-commerce PPC, is an online advertising approach that uses PPC adverts to promote an online store and its products. These advertisements might appear on search engines, social media sites, and websites. Because it targets ready-to-buy shoppers, PPC for eCommerce works well for driving sales.
2. What are the benefits of PPC services?
Services for Home Service Businesses Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

  • Ads Management for Google Local Services
  • Advertise on YouTube
  • Campaigns on social media
  • Management of Display Ads
  • Management of Google Ads
  • Management of Shopping Ads (Ecommerce)
  • Microsoft Advertising Management is a service provided by Microsoft
3. What is the significance of PPC?
The value of PPC is determined by a company’s ability to analyze data effectively, make changes to ad campaigns, wait for new data, and then assess the success of the same. This type of advertising is exceptionally data-rich, providing marketers with extremely fine-grained data and ad management.