Our SEO audits expertise

We at Adroitte can assist you in doing a comprehensive SEO audit of your website to increase organic traffic. Our SEO Audit Services would comprise a 270-point checklist and a complete SEO Audit Report.

An SEO audit examines a website’s performance in contrast to industry best practices. The goal is to identify any issues affecting organic search performance. Our professionals evaluate the following elements when conducting audits:

Competitor Research Audit

An audit of your competitors’ websites is referred to as a competitor research audit. It’s a detailed assessment with suggestions for how to improve your website.An SEO audit company looks at the SEO strategies currently being used on your competitors’ websites. It proposes strategies to improve the performance of your website based on the data, resulting in better results and a higher ranking in search results.

Architecture Checklist

The structure and architecture of your website and the web page code in use are all examined during an architecture audit. Your website’s appropriate architecture helps users navigate it with ease while carrying out their tasks efficiently. The website SEO audit services establish the best layout for your website. This includes, among other things, a reduced menu, effective internal linking, and a better-organized content hierarchy by identifying content gaps. You can discover your website’s full potential by doing a platform review.

An examination of the technical features of your website

The purpose of a Technical Website Audit is to identify the many programming and technical issues that may be affecting your website’s poor performance.Some of the most basic but crucial technical concerns, such as appropriate SSL installation, the presence of any missing pages, and so on, will be evaluated and addressed by eCommerce SEO services.The website SEO audit services will monitor crawl numbers, run an XML sitemap check, and evaluate robots.txt to ensure web crawlers can efficiently browse your page. Adroitte’s SEO services propose employing 301 redirects and using the necessary schema and markup when converting from HTTP to HTTPS.

On-Page Optimization Audit

On-Page Enhancement The audit will look at your website’s content and recommend the best methods to improve it so that search engines can locate it and rank it higher. The website audit service looks at the most popular search terms and suggests a list of additional phrases to target. SEO auditing services will also check for duplicate or missing title tags and meta descriptions. It suggests ways to improve internal and external linking, navigation, and canonicals. It generates a clean URL that corresponds to the page’s content and ensures that the photos are appropriately classified.

Audit of Content Quality

The SEO firm will assess the quality of the material on your website. Your website’s content should be unique, educational, entertaining, and simple to read. The quality of your content impacts the user experience and the ranking of your website.

Audit of the Site’s Performance

The time it takes for your website or a page on your website to load after clicking on a link is referred to as site speed in SEO audit services. The rating of a website is influenced by its speed.The time it takes for a page to load should be less than 3 seconds in most cases. The Site Speed audit investigates these concerns. The SEO audit company looks for and fixes any flaws slowing down your website’s performance.Additionally, you will receive tips on improving the site’s speed for mobile and desktop visitors with different bandwidths.

Audit of the User Experience

One of the essential things influencing your website’s SERP position is the user experience. The SEO audit services will analyze the site’s User Interface and User Experience using Google Analytics. It will also consider the bounce rate and the average time a user spends on your site.The bounce rate is the percentage of users who leave your website after visiting only one page rather than visiting subsequent pages within the same website.The better the website’s rating, the lower the bounce rate. The higher the performance of your website, the more time users spend on it on average. A better user experience leads to higher conversions, which leads to more sales and money.

Audit of Off-Page Optimization

Off-page factors make up a significant component of the algorithms used by search engines. It detects the type of backlinks, whether they are relevant to your website, the amount of links used, and whether they are situated optimally.After analyzing the linking strategy, SEO audit services will subsequently make recommendations on gaining the best backlinks to authority websites. They also evaluate backlinking domains and disavow artificial links that hurt your website’s rankings.

Why choose Adroitte as your SEO audits agency?

Our SEO audit starts with our team examining your website’s content, code, structure, and other factors to evaluate your strengths and shortcomings. We’ll also look at your competitors’ strategies to discover what they’re doing right and reverse engineer them.

All findings and recommendations and how to locate the issues will be included in the final report of our SEO audit. Similar tag tags, duplicate content, HTML / code issues, load speeds, and other issues may be discovered. Identifying which components are most significant and will help you rank higher is a key part of our strategy.

Our SEO audit takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. You’ll work with several Adroitte staff members throughout the process, and we’ll get to know your company thoroughly. We hope that the SEO audit is the start of a long-term partnership.

We will customize your assessment based on your industry and other characteristics as an SEO audit firm. Examining your website architecture and coding, as well as evaluating the URL structure, are all part of our professional website audit services.

The page load time, web page code, and sitemap and robots.txt file will all be considered. This will ensure that search engines rank your web pages appropriately. Adroitte’s superb SEO audit services will assist you in resolving current site issues while also optimizing them for improved search engine rankings.


About our SEO Audits services company

We understand your pain issues since we’ve worked with hundreds of firms ranging from tiny businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We also recognize that every firm has its own needs and preferences. We want to engage with companies looking for a partner rather than a doer.

Our goal is to learn about your company and what keeps you up at night so that we can create a tailored approach that matches your unique requirements, regardless of size or industry.

We are a multi-award-winning digital marketing business in India with a top-notch SEO auditing team. Furthermore, various clientele continually identifies us as a leader in our business.


SEO Audit services that are results-oriented

Auditing of SEO on-site

Is the “Check Website” light on in your browser? To maintain a high level of performance, your website, like your car, needs frequent maintenance. Sites of all sizes benefit from our general technical SEO auditing and SEO consultation services.

Launch of a New Website

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and attention into the launch of your new website. The last thing you want to see is a drop in traffic due to this. We’re here to help you tie up any loose ends so you can concentrate on enjoying the launch of your new website.

Researching Keywords

Your consumers are in desperate need of your assistance right now. Is your site optimized for the terms that they use? Keyword research aids in the discovery of keyword opportunities, on-page optimization, and content alignment with your objectives.


Diagnosis of Traffic Loss

Have you ever wondered where your traffic went? Whether due to an algorithm update, a penalty, a technical issue, or anything else, our staff will get to the bottom of the problem and help you reclaim the traffic you deserve.

Migrations of websites

Whether you’re contemplating relocation or have just finished one, make sure everything went successfully. We can assist you in charting the best course or identifying and resolving any technical issues that may have arisen due to recent migrations.

Recovering Penalties

Are you experiencing traffic loss as a result of a penalty? You’ll need an audit to figure out what caused the penalty, how to fix it and get back on track. Many of our clients have benefited from our assistance in overcoming the harmful effects of penalties.

Why do you need SEO Audit services?

  • SEO auditing assists you in prioritizing the tasks that will have the most influence on your search success, starting with the assets you already own, your website. This phase ensures that your off-page optimization and link-building efforts yield results directly impacting your ROI.
  • Ensuring your site is correctly optimized is the first step toward increased search rankings.
  • An audit can show you how to boost your rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a free SEO assessment tool?
Free SEO checker tools skim the surface of a website, focusing on its technical features. These tools are unlikely to reveal the source of your website’s problems. The truth is that search engine optimization encompasses far more than a few high-level measures. Our expert auditors examine your website to determine how it compares to the essential search ranking indicators, giving you a road map for future success.
2. What is the purpose of executing SEO audit?
TA technical SEO audit examines your website for any little (or major) issues that may be preventing it from ranking higher. This audit consists of numerous procedures, including crawling and indexing the site, checking for robots, deleting redirects, checking for duplicate material, cleaning up the source code, conducting on-page and off-page analysis, and more. The idea is to lay out a road map for a technically sound website with the best chance of ranking higher in search results.
3. What will the final report contain?
Your SEO report will cover a wide range of search ranking indicators, including technical elements, on-page, content, and off-page metrics, among others. Our experienced auditing team assigns a score to each item and ideas for improvement. This will serve as a road plan for laying a solid foundation for your website. Your website will also receive an overall score calculated by adding the averages of each factor score and weighting them according to their anticipated overall value to Google’s algorithm.
4. What are the different services that SEO auditing can include?
The different SEO auditing services that are included are content quality, on-site and off-site optimization, and user’s experience.
5. How does an SEO audit work?
In contrast to some organisations, our team of professionals carefully evaluate each website and generate every SEO Audit report by person. Using our human brains, we assess your website on various levels to determine what is working, what isn’t working, and what can work – and then we explain it all to you in simple English in your result.
6. Is creation of an SEO audit a long process?
There is a 4-6-week response time for our SEO assessment. Throughout the process, you’ll interact with numerous members of the Adroitte team which gets us to learn a lot about your business in return.
7. How often should an SEO audit of a website be done?
Depending on the scale of the website, you must conduct an audit every 12 to 18 months. Pre and post-launch audits may be necessary if you’re planning a major makeover.
8. When should I choose to do an SEO audit check?
If you are attempting to enhance your website’s SEO rating, or if you want to know what it is you’re doing better, or if you just need some suggestions on other techniques you could use, then an SEO audit is a must.