Social Media Marketing- Influencing the Brand Visibility

Although the various social media platforms were not set up for business purposes, they have amazingly turned into invaluable marketing tools. Establishing the right social media strategy can help you market your products/services, generate leads and most importantly build brand loyalty among the millions of Indians who frequent social media websites.


Their developers are very helpful and good in communication with constant updates on the web development project. It was easy to work with them in getting my website developed.

Lifestyle Membership Card Provider
Mumbai, India

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Choose Adroitte Social Media Marketing Management

Adroitte, an India based social media marketing company, can help you become successful in the world of social media through customized social media marketing services designed to fit within your preferred budget.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Every business desiring an online presence needs to know that their target audience out there, chatting away on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, blogging, hanging out in forums and participating in other online social spaces. For your business to prosper, you need to be actively involved in these conversations. Our wide range of social media marketing services can help you communicate with the right audience at the right time and in the right social space. We help you do this through our specialized SMO services including,

  • Planning a Social Media Strategy that is customized to your industry needs, organizational goals and preferred target audience through the most apt SMM mix
  • Executing Social Media Profile Management through the creation and management of profiles on the most popular and relevant sites including Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Technorati, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Arranging Link baiting through the creation and distribution of interesting content that will encourage other quality sites to link back to you
  • Developing Blogs including setting up of Blog Creation, Blog Design and Content/Article submission
  • Preparing Podcasts and RSS feeds of  exciting content and distributing them via the most relevant social media channels
  • Creation and Distribution of Press Releases, White Papers & Case Studies to media newsrooms, freelance journalists and industry analysts in order to generate inbound links and increase market specific publications

Why choose Adroitte as your Social Media Marketing agency?

Our reputation as a premium social media marketing company has helped numerous Indian businesses attain high levels of social success through our innovative SMM strategies. Our clients including those in the Automotive, Lifestyle and Wellness, Financial Services, Retail, and Travel sectors have experienced improved brand loyalty, greater lead generation and increased customer accusation. Being a SMO Company India, we understand the Indian mindset and can accurately market your product or service to the millions of Indians who use social media sites.

Advantages @ Adroitte

  • SMO services across various social platforms that will provide the most benefit to your business.
  • Expert social media consultants with the ability to not just bring in fans but also generate real leads and build brand loyalty.
  • A dedicated community manager specializing in publishing fresh interactive content on a daily basis.
  • Planning of customized campaigns using various Facebook applications like running polls, adding coupons and embedding YouTube videos within your profile page.
  • Reports of valuable business information gathered through what your customers like, share and retweet.

Searching for a social media marketing agency which will generate a positive return on your investment? Contact us or Request a free quote and we will provide a fully integrated SMM strategy designed to build your brand identity, boost your online reputation and bring in added profits.