How can Product Videos Improve Conversion Rates?

product videosIncrease customer retention power and improve your conversion rates, in short, sell more with product video marketing.

Video marketing is a raging and did you know YouTube has over a billion users, which is almost the one-third of the total internet users?

Come out of your business world and look around. You will see people of TODAY, mind, of every generation, deeply engrossed watching a video over a billboard and a newspaper. Because a video gives people less time to think and more reason to stay put.

If you want to know how people around you are doing business then, read this.

  • The average number of videos published by businesses each month is 18.
  • Top 5% of videos retain an average of 77% of viewers to the last second.
  • 35% of businesses use intermediate and advanced analytics to measure the video campaign.


And once you have adopted with online video marketing, you don’t have to beg for business. But again video marketing may bring your business good prospects ONLY IF people find it inspirational, communicative, and connect to your brand.

I’ll give you a reason (with example), why using a product video can help your business?

Let’s say your website sells medical devices, hmmm, how about breathing and respiratory equipment?

It’s a common thing, any device you buy will be provided with a manual, no doubt in that. But think what would be the rate of understanding over reading a manual to watching a demonstration video?

It’s a common fact that people understand much better and quicker when they see something and not when they read.

video vs text engagement


Did You Know?

visuals vs text 1visuals vs text 2visuals vs text 3

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Reasons why having a Product Video is a winning strategy?

  • It Builds Trust with your Brand
    • Why do you think a known social personality is made a brand representative of one or the other product?
    • Because that is how people trust and the products sell.
    • These brand representatives don’t do door-to-door campaigns but will be involved in a video campaign where they market these products.
    • It’s a marketing technique and of course, it’s also a fact that people believe what they see. Its action against words, with less time, if your product video manages to win customers confidence and gain their trust then it’s a win-win situation for your business.
  • Creates Brand Awareness
    • With trust comes love, respect…. Well, for your brand, of course.
    • When you speak about your brand through words, the probability that you will succeed to successfully reach them is comparatively lesser when you do the same through a video.
    • A video allows you to push the brand emotionally towards the target audience. The science of memory tells that brain captures information much better way if it involves sensory details.
  • Promises Better User Engagement
    • As a businessman, what else would be more gratifying to know that you are customers are happily engaging with your brand?
    • People love watching videos, so more engaging a video is, longer will be their presence on your website. And the longer they stay; higher will be the chance of their conversion.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
    • Google loves websites that engage visitors in a better way.
    • Also, a beautiful video alone will not work in your favor; it should be optimized for the search engines.
    • What is optimizing a video?
    • Usage of relevant keywords that would help both user and search engines to easily find the video.
    • So, with a well-optimized video, you can expect better search engine rankings for your website.
    • With better SEO rankings, your website will experience a better influx of organic traffic and finally good conversions rates.