Starting a Digital Marketing Agency in India

digital marketing agency in India

Today, the doorway to create a successful online business is through digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and with India embracing the same with open hands is an indication for young entrepreneurs who want to make something big.

The word ‘digital marketing’ will promise a booming career in India because, with this nation being home to world’s 3rd largest internet population, it quite clearly paints the picture about their perception of the word ‘internet’ and ‘digital’.

According to the report prepared by eMarketer, a market research company, the numbers depict that digital marketing is here to STAY in India.

statistics about future of digital marketing in India

Source: eMarketer

The sheer numbers may seem overwhelming, but in the years to come, digital marketing will only get bigger and better.

So what will be the success rate for an entrepreneur to choosing some industry over digital marketing industry?

All I can say is there will definitely be a huge difference. Because, every industry out there is being driven by digital media, which makes the latter the safest and healthiest bet to start a business.

One of the tricks to succeed in the digital marketing industry is you should never forget the basics of marketing irrespective in the variance of mediums used.

It has always been PROMOTING/MARKETING a product over to prospective customers, so it should be the same even in the future. And how well you do that seals your fate.

Now I think you should be quite clear about your actions, but I know you are still bothered with one solid question, how to start?

I’m not being discriminative because I know it’s scary as hell, so let me help you with this.

In the following discussion, we will be learning about the process that needs to be followed.

A Definitive Guide to set up a Digital Marketing Agency in India

Remember you are about to start some rewarding business, so unless you prove how rewarding your service can be, you will not be rewarded for what you started.

  • Set Your GOALS
    • ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’
    • You read it right.
    • Of course, unless you don’t have a vision that drives you forward your agency will not witness that success you are craving for.
    • Be realistic when you set your goals, come out from that vague idea with words ‘I have to succeed’, instead set your goal with words of definite weight, like ‘I should make $X, 00,000 in ‘N’ years’.
    • Having a definitive goal gives you a better purpose to stay focused even at the testing times.
  • Find Your NICHE
    • Once you have made yourself clear about what you want to achieve, next it is to decide through whom you want to achieve that.
    • Who & to Whom
      • – The market segment/niche that you desire to serve. (SME/Fortune 500 Companies)
      • – To whom should the brand be promoted? (target audience)
      • – Finally, why should they listen to you? Prove your value, the worth of your digital marketing agency.
  • Build A GOOD Network
    • If you are starting a business, why any business?
    • Let’s take your digital marketing agency. Now, what should be your first approach towards your business development?
    • You should have connections. Connections that would push your marketing business to a more admirable path.
    • And how to build a good network?
    • Through give and take policy.
    • You are a digital marketer, so make use of that fact.
    • If you straight away approach people to support your marketing campaign, I’m damn sure no one does.
    • So think smartly,
    • Let’s say you see some organization seeking professional advice, voluntary yourself and do what needs to be done.
    • See, you have managed to make a professional bond. So once you manage to make good networks as such, it would be easier for your agency to gain more leads.
  • Promote YOURSELF
    • Create a clear brand identity for yourself.
    • How to do that?
    • Be a self-proclaimed god-man. Yes, because no one else will that for you.
    • As a digital marketing agency, your job will be obvious to promote another brand, but how do make those organizations trust you with their brands?
    • Of course, as said before make yourself trustable, promise something that can be achieved. For instance, never ever promise a brand the 1st spot on the search engine result pages, because it’s something that is practically impossible unless you are a god of the search engine marketing.
  • Hire the RIGHT People
    • You are starting an agency, right?
    • So, you should have at least some good number of resources, who can help you in this mission.
    • But,
    • “As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make.”
    • Actually, it’s a quote, which clearly gives a message that when you are on a mission to hire people for your team it’s not the numbers but the right skills and competencies that counts.
    • I need not say this, but still,
    • Brush your SEO skills before you say what your agency expects from its future employees.
  • Take Risks, EMBRACE the Challenges
    • Remember, you are dealing with an industry that demands you to be proactive, innovative, and a man of action.
    • Sometimes your ideas may click instantly or never take off. But always you need to stay motivated and seek a logical explanation in case the audiences you are targeting are not driving the traffic you had sought for.
    • Also, if need be, trust your instincts and take the plunge, who knows your ideas may turn to be the most innovative one and give you a nice start as an entrepreneur.