Fast & Simple Mobile Website for Indian Businesses

mobile website for indian businessesMore and more Indian businesses are opting for mobile websites. By attracting a new mobile brand every new quarter, India has become the second-biggest SmartPhone market when it comes to the number of active users. To access the internet people today are not looking for desktops anymore. So Indian businesses looking for better sale numbers should grow beyond traditional desktop websites and reach the SmartPhone and tablet using audience through mobile-friendly websites that are fast and simple.

Google decides the ranking factor based on the mobile-friendliness of a website. And this should be a huge wakeup call for businessmen who are still with the non-mobile devices. Often people get confused between a mobile website and mobile application, so let’s clear about this before proceeding further.

Mobile Website Vs Mobile App

Sounds similar right, but actually they are not. So how is a mobile website different from mobile application?

MOBILE WEBSITE’ is a normal desktop website and now if we build the same website particularly for a mobile device, the URL will look something like this, ‘’ or ‘’.

Mobile websites are created to reach that audience group that uses mobile devices more than a desktop.


A mobile application is a software application developed particularly for handheld devices like SmartPhones and Tablets.

Benefits of Fast & Simple Mobile Website for Indian Business

    • Is your website mobile optimized? Because the search engine visibility is based on the same. The opportunity to rank better in a search engine is dependent on your association with mobile users.
    • By creating a mobile version of your website you are allowing your customers to do business with you anytime, anywhere. So what happens when a search engine finds your website mobile optimized promising with better user-experience? Your business will be promised with increased traffic with better sale numbers and ROI.
    • How well is your brand connecting with your customers? A proper brand engagement is very crucial to stay along with the competition. Also, in any business, reputation is everything. And only through active brand management, it is possible to maintain a good reputation. As a support to this account, I can easily speak about numerous e-commerce websites, where if the brand manages to make an emotional contact with the audience, then good sale numbers will be the reality.
    • Did you know that most of the marketing activities are performed through social media platforms? It’s a fact that social media actually bridges the gap between a consumer and a brand. By being more social you are indeed helping to increase the brand loyalty.
    • People in their maximum leisure hours use Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms through their mobile phones. So, with a mobile website and through effective marketing you can easily reach a large number of potential customers without spending the dough.
    • Those few seconds when a visitor lands on your website, it is very crucial for your business. The more time they stay the chances of better conversions can be seen. By limiting your website only to a desktop you are not giving mobile users a chance to do business with you.
    • Any mobile website with a good navigation system and faster loading speed will keep the visitors for a longer time, thus increasing the chance of conversion rates.