Get a Mobile App and Increase your Business Sales

Mobile AppToday people are fascinated by Smartphones and Tablets, and as a businessman, if you want to monetize on the fact then you should have a dedicated mobile app for your business and soon.

Be it global software product across the sea or a beauty spa downtown, having a dedicated mobile app can be a game changer. It significantly improves business sales and accounts for good revenue.

Followed by big brands, a mobile app is not an expensive trend anymore. Entrepreneurs should start thinking otherwise. They should start selling their products through apps if they want to be a part of the big game.

Statistics show that by 2019, the number of mobile users is expected to reach the 5 billion mark and by 2020, the global mobile app downloads will reach 284 billion.

The numbers are not exaggerated, they are facts.

Having a mobile app for your brand does give your business advantage(s). In the following section, I’ll explain how a mobile app can be an asset for your business.

What can you do through a Mobile Application?

The internet is ubiquitous, true, but that doesn’t mean you get to see people carrying desktops around, but huh, you definitely get to see them carrying SmartPhones and Tablets.

It’s because they are easy to carry and allows a person to be mobile and carry on with his regular tasks. A mobile device will always be in their hands and as a businessman you can make use of this fact.



With mobility, you get the opportunity.

Through mobile applications, you can send geo-targeted push notifications.

Geo-targeted push notifications refer to designing and targeting those campaigns for particular target audience based on their geographical locations (it can be a specific country, state, or city).

The biggest advantage is against global notifications; you will witness better conversion rates.

But do you understand anything about geo-targeted push notifications?

Let’s say you have one of the best restaurants in New York, suppose you have offers for today, how do you make people aware of that?

You cannot market the offers to someone who is miles away; obviously, you should target someone who is in your vicinity. And that is when geo-target push notifications come into picture. People who are moving at a certain defined distance will be provided with notifications and if they really want to have a bite, you will certainly have a customer.


You have a customer who regularly visits your restaurant, but you didn’t find him in the last few days.

Now you need not worry about losing your loyal customer, you can make him a part of the loyalty program and reward him with discount coupons, this way you will bring him back on your wagon.


When you are using geo-targeted push notifications and loyalty programs, you are obviously creating more opportunities for your business.

With more opportunities to tie with customers, you will definitely see a good rise in sale numbers and revenue.

The three points above explained how a mobile application practically helps you in raising sale numbers, but on the emotional side, it works still better.

The Inside Benefits of Having a Business Mobile Application

  1. You will be Visible to Customers all the TIME

A brand will grow only when it has sufficient visibility.

And such a grade of visibility is not possible if the brand is represented only on a website. A mobile app improves brand visibility to a greater degree as it represents uniqueness and demands a certain physical space on the mobile device.

  1. Enhance BRAND Recognition; Increase Customer Engagement

A unique place on the screen counts a lot for your business.

Every time your customer need not remember about your brand or have to struggle to remember the name. A simple tap on the icon and straightaway they would land on your website.

With a mobile app, it is possible and much easier to connect with customers from anywhere and anytime. You can improve the quality of engagement with your customers through geo-targeted push notifications.

  1. A DIRECT Marketing Channel to Promote your Business

You know who can be your customers or who your customers are already, market to them directly without much disturbance.

Let’s say Mr. ‘A’ has bought products from your website and you want to retain him, you want him to do more business with you, and then you can individually send deals, promotions, and information about special rates through push notifications.

Marketing the products and services directly to customers casts a positive impact on business sales.

The Bottom Line

A mobile app doesn’t guarantee success but certainly provides your business an opportunity to stand strong in the competition and make money.

Below is the report from on worldwide mobile app revenues.
As per the report, the market for mobile applications will only see a good growth.

Retail marketers are seen ultimately shifting from their traditional brick-and-mortar store to online websites. But it’s not sufficient anymore. They need and should secure an exclusive place on the mobile devices and which is possible only if they have a dedicated mobile application for their business.

From the numbers it is quite clear that there will be a good spike in mobile app development, but will you be one of them?