How to optimize your conversion rate in PPC?

optimize conversion rate in ppc

How to improve your PPC campaign? Are there any conversion rate optimization methods to do that?

Before learning about these techniques, let us understand something about a PPC campaign.

What is PPC Campaign?

You will get an answer for that once you understand why people go for a PPC campaign or Google Adwords?

To get a website rank organically on Google it may take a good amount of time as well as work. PPC campaign works the other way; all you have to do is pay Google to list Ads for your website at the top of search engines. So, each time a person clicks on the ad, you have to pay a small amount to the search engine.

One more thing, buying a PPC campaign is not an easy task. It involves a lot of hard work, a good research for right keywords, then following, the organization of these keywords into well-organized ad groups and campaigns. If the Google finds your campaign relevant for users, you will be charged with a lesser price for the ads when they are clicked.

A successful PPC campaign will have these five elements in common,

ppc campaign

Tips to Optimize PPC Conversion Rates in PPC

    • There are tons of metrics that can be tracked and analyzed, but is it worth to audit everything? Time is precious, even the bandwidth, and so narrow your search to those metrics that actually gives an insight into the performance of your business.
    • Make sure to track these metrics in case you are short of time
      • i. Quality Score
      • ii. Click-Through Rate
      • iii. Conversion Rate
      • iv. Cost Per Conversion
      • v. Wasted Adwords Spend
    • The right approach to creating a successful PPC ad is the selection of appropriate keywords. And the Match Types of these keywords are very crucial in creating a successful PPC ad campaign.
    • Maybe some other time we will learn about the keyword match types but now just keep in mind that we have different match types in PPC, namely broad, phrase, and exact.
    • If you are searching keyword under broad match, the result will be precise (you need to add negative keywords) what is that?
    • Let me give you an example,
    • Suppose you have entered ‘iPod Shuffle’ with a broad match, the result you would see is ‘MP3 shuffle’ or ‘iPod Classic’. Here you want a report on the word ‘iPod Shuffle’, the words ‘MP3’ and ‘Classic’ are unwanted, how to avoid them from coming up?
    • Simple, add those irrelevant words under negative keyword section and see the results that you desire.
    • Once keywords are researched it is necessary to group them with relevance.
    • Why is keyword grouping important? Because it helps you drive long-tail traffic.
    • I will call it an ad specific landing page, hmmm, what is that?
    • What you promise or tell in your ad, your landing page should be a mirror of that. Now, here are few tips to create an optimized landing page.
      • i. Captivating Headline
        • The first thing that is visible for your visitor is the headline. Is it reflecting your PPC ad (PPC keyword)? Yes? Then your customer (to be) will certainly complete the call to action.
      • ii. Optimized Content
        • Keywords utilized in PPC ad should also reflect the content. The content developed should be engaging and define the purpose of your business.
      • iii. Attractive CTAs
        • The call-to-action buttons should be attractive, persuasive, and fitting to the overall design. The conversion rate of a CTA button depends on the color, scale, and language used.
      • iv. User-Friendly Lead Forms
        • What should you not include?
        • A security question (that is too overwhelming), inappropriate CTA texts, animations Vs directional cues, and much more that can scare away or confuse the customers.
        • On contrary, the form should be simple, clean, and easy to fill. Use proper, relevant fields that will hold your business value and by the way, keep it logical.
      • v. Attractive Web Design
        • What is the feature of a high converting website?
        • A clean landing page that defines the brand; its responsive nature to appear across every device for providing a seamless user-experience.