Php Or Node.Js – Which Is the Best Technology for Building Backend


Whether a website or web application, it includes both the efforts of front-end and back-end development. While front-end development deals with the elements a user can see and interact with within a website, back-end development deals with server-side applications and database queries.

PHP and Node.js are two of the most common back-end technologies for website development companies. Using these technologies, website developers offer fully functional and high-performing websites that run as smoothly as it looks good.

Both these technologies are currently widely used; how do you choose one for your purpose? It is important to understand the requirements of a particular business and the functionalities required before deciding on the technology that needs to be used.

When to choose Node.js?

Here are some of the benefits that Node.js offers

  • Speed and performance 

Over the years, Node.js has been the first choice for developing high-speed applications or websites. This technology can execute programs faster compared to other programming languages. Additionally, applications or websites built using Node.js can offer better stability and performance and hardly get overwhelmed with instructions and requests.

  • Real-time data

Node.js offers a non-blocking architecture and a connection between the server and client, allowing better real-time data synchronization. For this reason, Node.js can be used to build real-time streaming apps. For example, real-time chatting or transaction apps.

  • Modern Development methodology

If you are looking to build innovative apps or websites, then Node.js should be your go-to option. Node.js is an effective technology that includes new packages with additional frameworks suitable for any innovative development.

Node.js also offers a highly flexible development environment that can be used to build a wide range of applications.

When to choose PHP?

Here are some of the PHP website development benefits

  • Portability 

When it comes to connecting with servers and databases, PHP is known for its portability and efficiency. Instead of rebuilding web apps, PHP allows users or developers to port the apps to any server which supports apache. With many CMS using PHP, it only adds to the advantages of making it more accessible. If portability is one of your main criteria one can look into choosing PHP website development over other technologies.

  • Flexibility 

When it comes to security and dynamism, no one can beat PHP. You will find that many PHP-programmed online apps and websites are highly secure because of encryption and fast scalability. PHP-based web apps are faster due to their own memory space. PHP websites are faster than ASP websites. Websites that load faster help in user experience and reduce bounce rate.


Node.js and PHP-based apps or websites have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. If you are unclear on the technology that is best suited for your business, you can take the help of experts from a professional website development agency to make the right choice.