Understanding Digital Marketing Automation And How Can You Use It


Digital Marketing Automation is the process where the software technologies and platforms are designed for marketing to work on various social platforms like social media, email, website, etc. and automate repetitive tasks.

Digital Marketing Automation enables the companies to enhance their success rate of the marketing campaigns as it tackles every task associated with marketing. Automation software guides the software marketers to assess and understand the customers’ demand, automate multiple tasks, generate solid leads and traffics, ultimately converting them into sales.

 Digital Marketing Automation has been predicted to boost the software market from $3.3 billion in 2019 to $6.4 billion by 2024.

A Better Understanding of Automation in Digital Marketing:

  • Most business people have confirmed using digital marketing automation to run their business campaigns online.
  • Above 90% of the users feel that automation has critical importance in general digital marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Automation helps to generate more personalized customer experiences.
  • Marketing automation enhances the sale by nearly 15%, and the companies that use automation enjoy a 12.2% reduction on an average in the marketing overheads.
  • Digital automation reduces the chance of manual errors.
  • Digital Marketing Automation guides you through planning your business strategy, creating genuine content, categorizing customers and, increasing leads and traffics.
  • The automation process always keeps an eye on the customers’ behaviour and activities and sends different types of emails based on the customer category.
  • Special Offer emails are sent to the registered customers who have never visited the site.
  • A confirmation mail and tracking ID are sent to the customers who have bought or ordered products from the site.
  • Three main elements of digital marketing automation are customers’ behaviour-based automation activities, business development automation and workflow automation.
  • Digital Marketing Automation boosts SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

How can you use Digital Marketing Automation?

  1. Identify the Leads

Important leads are always convertible. The past behaviour helps to identify the leads (visitors who added items to the cart and visited the payment page but did not buy the product, or the visitors who have provided the site with their contact details, or the visitors who have entered the discount link sent via email past two days).

Your automation software will recognize the leads and assess how it can convert these leads to direct buyers.

  • Decrease Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the worst factors for the Internet marketing sectors. The cart abandonment rate worldwide is near 78%.  Marketing automation helps to reduce this problem while encouraging the customers to purchase products. Automation software sends personalized emails to those who have added items to the cart but did not buy to remind them to complete the purchase process.

  • Target Customers across Channels

Marketing Automation gathers all the customer information and campaign details to connect with the customers across channels by sending customized emails, SMS, messages, ads, etc. In addition, the automation software informs and reminds the customers about any upcoming event.

  • Enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Marketing automation creates personalized marketing campaigns for the current and potential users, recommends them products and informs them about offers and discounts. As the customers start being engaged with your company for a longer time, it generates more sales and CLV.

Besides, the below-mentioned points are also the fundamental reasons and ways to use the Digital Automation Software,

  • Up Sell and Cross Sell to the Customers
  • Boost Blogger Outreach
  • Create Leads from Thank You Pages
  • Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to suggest content to the Audience

The blog has offered us a brief view of digital marketing automation. For any query, consult Adroitte.in team.