How Effective Are Personalized Videos in Digital Marketing Campaigns


In today’s digitalized world, most business people have turned towards online platforms for marketing. As a result, the marketers conduct digital marketing campaigns to expand their social and customer outreach and boost their sales. In these digital marketing campaigns, personalized videos have proved effective and powerful enough for email marketers.

The blog will focus on the effectiveness of the personalized videos in digital marketing campaigns and how personalized video can bring drastic changes to content marketing strategies in the near future.

The Link between Digital Marketing Campaigns & Personalized Videos

According to the recent surveys, videos hold the top-most position in the ecommerce campaigns, Internal Communications (IC) or, Account-Based Marketing (AMB). In recent years, digital marketing campaigns have primarily comprised content marketing, ads, emails, virtual events, etc. Now, marketers are desperate to include personalized videos in their marketing strategies, budgets and structures. This idea of targeted, personalized video content seems to be extremely attractive to today’s tech-savvy customers.

The one-click automated video creation engages the customers’ attention and retains a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Personalized videos have suddenly become a strong attraction point in digital marketing campaigns. Some data are given below,

  • 78% of CMOs has predicted the custom content to be the future of marketing campaigns.
  • 92% of marketers consider personalized videos to be an essential part of marketing strategy.
  • As per 88% of the marketers, video marketing brings them the most favourable ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Around half of the Internet Users consult Video agencies before a purchase.
  • 74% of the marketers found a strong impact of personalized videos in their campaigns.

Personalized Videos primarily consist of,

  • Users’ Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Company

When you include the personal details of the customer in a video, you ensure your customer how much you know them and can have a better bonding with your customer base.

Personalized Videos offer specific benefits to the company or brand in the Digital Marketing Campaigns,

  • Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Achieve higher click-through (CTR) rates
  • Generate More Sales
  • Build a deep bond with customers
  • Enhance Email Rates
  • Boost Brand Loyalty
  • Have better knowledge about Customer Demand

Personalized videos have been guaranteed to boost your marketing campaigns and attract a large number of customers. YouTube Advertising programs come with personalized video contents to expand their brand awareness and attract customers’ attention. In addition, paid campaigns are conducted on the companies’ end worldwide through personalized video dedicated to the customers.

The Platforms to use Personalized Video

  • Website

You can include personalized videos on your products and services to increase conversion rates. You can collect the data of the users each time they visit your site. Thus, you will create personalized videos with the information.

  • Email

Email Marketers have accepted personalized videos to be a reliable and effective tool. As a result, you can boost your email marketing campaigns by sending personalized videos. For example, you can send company announcements, nurture emails or personalized emails on a particular product.

  • Customer Service

Personalized Videos can boost your customer service. You can create welcome videos for new users. You can attract the attention of the newcomers, and at the same time, you can introduce your brand to them. Thank You Note, Holiday wishes, Renewal reminder, or even birthday videos come under customer services in personalized forms. Use personalized videos to enhance sales from the customers’ end.

Google Adwords is a global PPC platform that allows you to show your advertisements and personalized ads on the customers’ social media platforms. Today’s digital marketing campaigns are incomplete with personalized videos. You can contact team for more details.