How will Travel Agencies benefit from Custom website design?

Custom website design for travel agencies
Should a travel agency have a free website created with standard templates or a custom-made website developed by professionals?

It’s obviously the second option and I’ll tell you why.

Whether your customer is a first-time traveler or a globetrotter, he should feel the place just visiting your website. There are a lot of elements on the website that projects journey easy, enjoyable, and convenient. Again it doesn’t matter whether you are a local travel agent or the one running global packages, but if you want to make most in this thriving tourism industry, you should have the best online presence.

Why a Custom Website Design?

Generally speaking, today, you will find a lot of travel portals that would give you best information about any travel hotspots. Be it arid deserts, snow-capped mountains, white-sandy beaches, or even somewhere around bustling metropolises. There is a lot of competition. Airbnb, HomeAway, Kayak, actually, you can have a lot more on your list, and each day someone somewhere is making a point to be one among these strong brands.

It’s easier to take ideas from these top travel websites, but having an identical website will do no good or even a simple web presence on the internet also will not be of much help. You have to have a unique presence and your travel website at a click of a button should be a one-stop solution for all the travel essentials. You can possibly provide all the facilities and be the best in your industry. It’s possible only when you stand in the market with a customized website.

It’s common to get inclined towards template websites because they are cheap, easy, and quick to setup, but they do not support your primary business concept – meeting customer specific needs and your business goals. So it’s a NO to template website.

A travel website should not just have an impressive layout but inclusive of vital information- the places, travel pricing list, hotels, packages, number of travelers, and other details of the trip that would cover all the necessities of the travelers.

The word ‘custom’ gives your business a unique identity. As I said before, you will find a lot of people running this business. There are a lot of features you can add and stand apart. You can customize fonts, color, settings, include video backgrounds, add interactive maps, give options to compare plans and use themes that would allow you use unique promotional methods.

If you visit Blue Bird, you will find they have used a theme that features a listing of destination on either side of the logo in the header.

Key Benefits of a Customized Website Design

NO 1: Travelers will JUST love your Website!!!

  • The art of designing a travel website, if you know, then you are a winner.
  • Do you know what customers are good at?
  • Doing the research, comparing websites, looking for the best deals, and if they are not able to find anything, they look how conveniently things went while they were using your website, also, they analyze how good the website has been designed!!!
  • You will be scrutinized and weighed from every single corner and it’s definite you will be screwed if you have a FREE template website.
  • Coming to a travel website, travelers clearly like to just enjoy their time in their favorite destination and not scrambling around making arrangements. They will love to take services from websites that comprehensively integrated with features that would offer them book a tour with a peaceful mind. Some of them I have listed below just have a glance.
    • Having live inventory for the booking software.
    • Website responsive to any device. (Basic requirements)
    • ‘Booking Engine’ should be prominently visible and is PCI compliant. (if available)
    • Keep the booking process simple.
    • Should support multiple languages and currencies. (brownie point for this)
    • Option to filter hotel/package/destination listings.
    • Customer reviews, tour reviews beside your service.

NO 2: You will STAND OUT from Competitors

  • You are not there just to be there. You want to make a difference and give better service to customers and it is reflecting on your website.
  • First and foremost, when you add noteworthy features and not cookie-cutter solutions, it would definitely stand out. It’s all about convenience, comfort, and security, and once you provide them through your custom website, you will definitely be prominent like a beacon in the dark raging sea.
  • Yes, it’s only time till customers see authenticity and value of the service you offer and once they feel the difference you will enjoy a dominant presence in your market.

NO 3: BETTER Search Engine Rankings

  • No matter what industry you are in unless you don’t push yourself in the top 10 spot of SERP, it is impossible to see any leads or conversions and that is bad for your business.
  • But it’s good news if you have custom website design.
  • Because
  • Custom websites are designed to be search-friendly, so your website by default enjoy good search engine ranking, organic traffic, leads, and of course conversions.

NO 4: You will Stay Flexible & Meet ADVANCED Customer Needs

  • When you use a free template you will limit your website from scaling to the growing business. Limited features and no support to advanced services, you will limit your reach to your audience and this will impact your growth.
  • Customized websites support advanced features and allow you grow with the changing market. You will have a lot of options to keep your website interesting in the long run and make people come back often.
  • It might be advanced payment options or other specific backend integrations that would appeal your customers; you can easily implement anything without hurting your brand value.