5 Best Habits to Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign More Effective in 2018

How to Make Social Media Marketing Campaign Effective

Word-of-mouth marketing has taken the corner, while the catch-all term social media marketing is keeping things boiling in the marketing land. Everyone is doing social media marketing because everyone understands the benefits they get by being dominant on the social media platforms.

Since everyone is doing social media marketing, the tactics used are getting ineffective with time. And as usual, we get to hear that there are new social media marketing trends that are to be followed.

Let’s not break that tradition, right? It’s 2018 and I’m pretty sure we will have something new and exciting that we can learn and implement in our marketing campaign. Or maybe if we are lucky enough we will get to see something old but a little enhanced.

But Why Social Media Marketing is SO important?

Look at this,
The numbers clearly show that (customers) people prefer to be on these social media platforms. That’s the only reason if you want engagement and conversions for your business, you should focus your efforts towards contacting audience via social media platforms and using different tactics and strategies.

Your social media marketing efforts should not go waste. And to help you reach desired goals, I have explained the methods that you need to follow in 2018.

Follow these practices & improve the efficiency of your Social Media Marketing Campaign

1. Create SMART Goals

Anything you do should have a goal, right?

Hence, your social media marketing campaign should be no different.

You are planning to lose 10 Kgs, and you cannot do that in just a month time and nor you can spend 5 hours every day in a gym. You should plan realistically and lose weight gradually. Quite similarly, you cannot increase website traffic in a week time, you have to have a proper plan and achieve that.

Let’s say you have a goal for your business, but that is not sufficient, you have to have SMART goals.

But what is a SMART goal and how to set it?

Let’s have a closer explanation for this, shall we?

S – SPECIFIC- You have to be more specific about what you need to achieve and how you are going to do that. You can align your activities only when you are specific in your requirements.

A specific goal looks something like this.

By the second quarter of 2018, you would make a 40% increase in the website traffic. And of course, you should be specific about who is involved, the benefits you gain, requirements, challenges, and the purpose.

M- MEASURABLE- You have set some social media activity to accomplish your goal, but what goal? Does it have any number? I’ll take the same example again. Instead of 40%, if you just say, I need to increase website traffic by second quarter; you will never know what you have achieved. Set measurable goals or else it will be impossible to know what you have achieved.

A- ATTAINABLE- You have to be realistic about what you want to achieve. 100K followers in two days, you cannot get that unless you create some controversy.

Whatever the goals you set, you should have the required skills and tools to achieve that.

R- RELEVANT- Whatever the goal you want to achieve should align with your business objectives and values. Does this activity influence your customers and get some positive results for your business?

T-TIME SPECIFIC-   “By the end of 2nd quarter”, see I’m keeping a deadline to achieve something. Every goal you set should come with a time frame.

2. Steer Clear of Verbosity

If you do excessive marketing, nobody is going to stay and read, because nobody has time to do that.

When someone says Twitter, I remember it as a social networking platform with 140 character limit. It’s popular because you learn things without reading much. Quite similarly, you do marketing to attract customers; you should be creative in your approach and not tell them a story that would eat their time. To be frank, they won’t stay back and waste their time.

From the recent study, it was found that Facebook posts with less than 250 characters got 60% more engagement than the lengthier ones. So whatever the content you are going to write, be brief, to the point, and strike their curiosity in few words.

3. Start Investing in Creative Contents


  • 65% of people are visual learners; 90% of all data processed by the brain is visual.
  • Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.
  • On an average, visual content performs 4.4 times better than text-based content.


Have diversity in the way you present your content. ‘Content is KING’, so treat it that way. Go beyond blogs and articles. There are different ways you can utilize keywords and increase website traffic.

Focus more on developing visual content. Infographics, videos, podcasts, make them a part of your marketing campaign.

4. Be Prepared for Algorithm Updates

Do you know all the social media platforms run on social media algorithms?

If you find there are a lot of updates going on, it’s due to the people who take advantage of these social media platforms for their businesses.

Facebook, one of the biggest faces of the social media industry, recently updated the algorithm. The new algorithm promotes personal content over the news.

The reason for this move is to curb the menace of fake news. Businesses sharing such news/videos easily get more shares and engagement. To avoid this and push businesses to organically gain traffic, the latest update was made.

You may expect the same from other social media platforms and you should not let such changes affect your marketing campaign.

5. Follow Fundamental Ethics

What have ethics got to do in social media marketing?

Organizations should be aware that they are building their brand on customer’s trust and faith. They have to make sure their brand is delivering whatever has been promised and in an ethical way.

As a social media marketer, you will have easy access to the customer profile, but the data should be never used to approach a customer intrusively. Also, if you are planning to have a good, long-term relationship with the customers, make sure you are acknowledging their views and opinions. Whatever the feedbacks, take it professionally, and address the issues if it requires your quick attention and only then you can expect good results for your business.