5 eCommerce SEO Tips That Will Help You Generate More Traffic


SEO is one of the most important yet difficult aspects that directs the functioning and growth of a website. If you have optimized at least the majority of your website’s pages for a specific keyword and even launched a blog that’s relevant to your keyword strategy, you’ve completed all the basic SEO tasks.

Because eCommerce SEO is so competitive in most businesses, the basics will only get you so far. You’ll need to graduate to more advanced SEO strategies if you want to compete and improve your online sales.

Here are five tips to help you improve your eCommerce SEO approach.

Solutions for Tracking

Google Analytics is one of the most important and useful tools you can use for your website to deliver a considerable amount of specific information to help you make better business decisions.

You can properly monitor users, potential clients, and everyone who visits your website by utilizing our free monitoring tool. You’ll be able to observe what your visitors do when they arrive at a specific page, including where they click, and how long they spend on each area. This data is extremely valuable in creating a far more effective and optimized end-user experience.

Quality Content

How well your website ranks in search engines is greatly influenced by the quality of your content. This is especially true if you frequently use content that may be available elsewhere, such as product descriptions from manufacturers (duplicate content). This is a massive no-no that you should stay away from. Post original, relevant, engaging, and high-quality content regularly.

Avoid Content Duplicity at Any Cost

It might be tough to avoid duplicating material when running an eCommerce store. When you have a lot of products, it can be tough to tell the difference between product descriptions and variations. If you wind up with duplicate content, it can hurt your search engine rankings.

Structure of the Website

A well-structured website can boost the likelihood of a sale while also altering your search engine rating. There are many ways to improve the structure of your website, but let’s start with breadcrumb navigation and clean URLs.

Breadcrumb navigation is a type of site navigation that shows users where they are in the hierarchy. Breadcrumb navigation, in addition to site mapping and the arrangement of your site structure, can help with shopper click-through rates.

Add Your Opinions

Reviews, both on the page and in your schema markup, are another important component to incorporate in your website to improve your search engine ranks and exposure.

To provide sufficient social proof to potential buyers, you should include product reviews of each product displayed on your eCommerce store. Although it may not directly impact search engine results, it will undoubtedly increase click-through rates and decrease bounce rates.


Overall, there are numerous eCommerce SEO recommendations that you may concentrate on and execute to increase your brand’s visibility in search engines. You can accomplish great outcomes by focusing on developing, sharing, and optimizing quality content. For the highest potential engagement, conversions, and rankings, make sure to focus on producing excellent product descriptions with very high-quality copywriting. Get in touch with SEO experts at Adroitte who can help you elevate your business through best SEO practices.