Joomla, a Powerful CMS tool and SSL go in hand to provide a Secure Online Business Platform!!!


Joomla, one of the robust CMS tool is the most sought after platform for efficient management of websites. Nowadays, online business can be performed without any glitch, due to the bankable support provided by Joomla. Even though Joomla is not for beginners, from startup to well-established enterprise, everyone opts for this open source platform.

Data or content management is made hazel free, but the authenticity of data is also required. Conducting a successful online business with 100% data integrity can be a challenging task. Through the integration of SSL, Joomla can make your site more secure and authentic.

What is an SSL?

SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology used for establishing a secure enciphered link between the web server and browser. SSL establishes a secure communication path to maintain the data integrity of respective clients. Login credentials, account number, pin are some of the elements which will be vulnerable during an online process. Unauthorized access to any one of these can be avoided through SSL. Even though Joomla completely deals with data or content management, it is somewhere influencing the websites to be more secure and user-friendly.

Implementation of SSL is a very easy process. Initially, to establish a SSL connection, the server needs to acquire SSL certification. To be more precise, after the server completes the basic formalities, a public and private key is provided. Here, the public key is placed inside a data file called Certificate Signing Request or CSR. CSR contains your domain name and other necessary details which will be compared with the private key. Only after the completion of this validation process a secure encrypted link will be allowed to establish. The key advantages of SSL technology is,

• Creates a trust with potential customer during online payment process
• Provides authentication during data transfer
• Protects the site from phishing attacks
• Data security through encryption

Content management through Joomla software is a proper choice to run a productive online business. Scalability, flexibility, and affordability are the factors that are making Joomla more popular and exciting. A Joomla based website can be easily provided with SSL certification. The first approach is through collaboration with the respective hosting provider and the second option is to execute it yourself. In the latter option, the user needs to perform some simple basic procedures which will earn him an SSL certification.


Even though the site may have zero online transactions, the SSL can secure the basic login credentials which will be vulnerable. Securing the credentials is as important as protecting the payment details because the username or password can be used for unethical purposes. The transition from HTTP to HTTPS has become very necessary, where HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Also, we should know that a secure and user-friendly website always help to establish a strong bond with the potential customers.