Why Symfony is considered as the best option to develop Lightweight Responsive Web Applications???

schema1Applications are getting more powerful and handy by the day. Online business is becoming less cramped as more number of transitions is taking place at a rapid pace. One such transition is the synchronous shift over to the responsive phase which is trending on at a greater speed. Development of single-page applications is becoming easier through the availability of community of frameworks.

Frameworks allow developers to be confident while creating a fully functional web application. The development phase is becoming easier and less onerous. Through using frameworks, customization level will be higher and the developers will be free from using repetitive codes. There are numerous frameworks like Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP and more, where Symfony is one such framework.

What makes Symfony Different?

Creating applications for a highly robust environment can be challenging. Meeting all the business requirements such as high scalability, with minimum time and lesser cost structure is what makes the frameworks more popular and favorable to the developers.

Symfony, a PHP based web application framework was developed to meet the high scalability requirements for enterprise grade business. With set of reusable libraries, Symfony allows the developers to have complete dexterity and control over the development phase. Large code structures tend to create overhead time which is a negative point for the developers; also, bugs will be present which is sure to affect the overall time and cost-structure. Symfony through providing staggering advantages, promises the developers with maximum advocacy.

The Technical Benefits

  • Simplification of Development process- Yes, truly Symfony helps to create robust applications in lesser amount of time. Since Symfony consumes less amount of memory, the chance of having latency is very less. Compared to Symfony version 1.4 and Zend Framework 1.0, Symfony ensure greater performance and productivity.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility- Through dependency Injection component and event dispatcher, developers are allowed to have a standardized, well-defined approach to the overall development process. Also, through providing configurable elements, Symfony ensures that various functionalities of your business are met with efficiency.
  • It’s Expandable-Most of the developers favor Symfony because it is Each thing in Symfony is represented as a Plug-ins or in simple word as bundles. These bundles through adding functionalities are influencing the overall expansion process of frameworks. One of the other privileges is that bundles can also be reused for other or parallel developmental process.
  • Stability- A stable and consistent performance across all the platforms. Crucial business requirements can be met successfully only when several underlying factors are met. Sustainability is directly proportional to stability, so the overall consistency and compatibility should always be considered. Here, Symfony through having a greater compatibility with all APIs provides better functionality options for all the developers.
  • Manageable- Whether you are an experienced folk or an amateur, Symfony welcomes everyone with a friendly path. Easy to learn and implement, Symfony makes a perfect partner for the developers.

A business can lead ahead only if it earns more number of visits and better conversion rates. Applications which ensure better reach can have greater affiliation with the potential customers. Also, these factors tend to have more leverage on the overall performance aspect. Symfony, through minimum code structure and other bankable features allow creating lightweight applications to ensure an unparalleled feat.