Tips to Start an SEO Campaign with Zero Capital

Tips to Start an SEO Campaign with Zero Capital

Some people don’t even dare to think such a question, an SEO campaign with zero capital? Most of them will respond like this, ‘you got to be kidding me’!!! But if you ask me, I say you can do that and this blog will explain you the same.

I know it’s hard to believe, big brands spending tens of thousands of dollars, hiring dedicated managers, but you need not do everything they do. In the further sections, I’ll be explaining different ways that will give you an idea of starting an SEO campaign with zero investment. But before that, you need to understand few things about SEO.

Understanding the Three Major Components of SEO

On-site Optimization
Basically, SEO is performed in two methods – on-page/on-site optimization and off-site optimization. The ability of your web page to rank in a search engine depends on on-page factors.
Optimizing the on-page elements of your website, you make the content easily understandable and relevant, so search bots would crawl and index that web page. The indexed web pages will be then presented to relevant search queries presented by internet users.
HTML code, keyword density, keyword placement, Meta tags are some of the on-page factors that will affect the visibility of your website in the natural results.
Link Building
When search engines crawl a web page they even crawl links present between two individual pages and even between two independent websites.
Link building is one of the best techniques to take your visitors deeper into a website and improve your credibility. Either you work building links or get quality links from other authoritative websites. There is one more technique followed, guest blogging. You can blog for some high ranking websites, and get your website link into that content piece or do the other way round.
Continuous Content Development
You cannot work on your website content every alternate day; the best alternate option to inject new content every day is through blogging. Search engines love websites that are fresh, regularly updated with content.  As reported in DemandMetric, blogging is responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.On a regular basis, publishing keyword-rich content can impact your website visibility; improve traffic and conversion rates.
  • Each one of these actions if carried out diligently will guarantee you whatever the benefits that have been explained above. And now I’m going to explain how you can run an SEO campaign without spending a dime.

Methods to Start a Successful SEO Campaign at ZERO Cost

NO 1: Use SEO-Friendly Website Builders

  • Squarespace, Wix, Jimdo, and Weebly are some of the website development software that provides the best SEO support. If developing a custom website is clearly out of your reach, then these modern website builders are your lifeline.
  • They expand your options to make your website more search-friendly and provide good user-experience for the end users. There are many features you will find useful using these tools, few have been explained here. If you are a novice then creating responsive websites will be an effortless job. XML sitemaps will get automatically updated in real-time the moment you add or remove a page. A website built under these tools will have a greater load time and this will be well appreciated by the end users. Also, you need not get bothered about adding Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, because even that is very easy.

NO 2: Create Keyword-Rich Topics for your Website Blogs

  • There are a lot of tools available in the market that you can use and learn about trending topics within your industry. Google Trends developed by Google is one such tool, which is easy to use and of course is free. And then you have, Moz’s Keyword Explorer Tool, you get to choose the best keywords to target.
  • Once you have a set of keywords, you can start preparing topics addressing crucial points in your industry.

NO 3: Optimize Titles & Meta Descriptions

  • When people share a piece of content across websites, the amount of content visible is the Meta description. I know that the word ‘optimize’ seems pretty confusing if you have heard it for the first time, and ‘optimize title tags and Meta descriptions’ it’s even harder to understand.
  • In simple words, Meta Data helps the search bots to understand what information is present on your website. Only then these search bots, based on the relevancy and quality will crawl and index that content piece. Now your job is to optimize these title tags and Meta descriptions for the search engine bots. That means you have to add (not stuff) both of these with relevant keywords so the bots find it easier to index that web page.

NO 4: Develop Quality Content for your Website

  • You already have a set of keywords; so using them develop content that is unique, useful, and relevant to your business. Have primary and secondary keywords, but again an advice for you- focus on content, not keywords.
  • Keep the content descriptive and make sure it is addressing the pain points of your customers. The content you develop for your website can be a perfect game changer, but your responsibility lies in not going against any algorithm. Your aim should be providing quality answers for the users and if you do that diligently you will be rewarded with good search rankings.

NO 5: Comprehensively Utilize Social Media Channels

  • Content distribution is more important than content creation, the reason; nobody will know you have written something unless you tell them. And to generate organic traffic to your website, you should make people aware that you have something valuable for them.
  • Behind every successful SEO campaign, there are at least one or two social media platforms. When you have created great content you will not get to reap the benefits unless you put it before the right audience. You will easily find your audience on social media platforms.
  • To find the right audience for your content and you will straightaway get great customers for your business.

NO 6: Connect with the Audience, encourage Sharing & Linking

  • What should be your next step after finding your audience? Connecting with them, of course!
  • You are not a lone wolf out there promoting your content; there are hundreds and millions of websites, each promoting their business. So how to make your business content go viral? It’s an ultimate challenge after every hard work you have done. It’s also true that just because you have done some nice job you cannot expect people to accept or acknowledge it.
  • The best strategy rather than requesting customers to share your content is making them do it without you approaching them. Incentivize customers through some form this would automatically push any individual to share your content piece.