Top 5 Engaging UX Design Trends of 2017

ux design trends

A first hand-experience with a device, website or an application is possible only if incorporated with a good UX design. User-experience can be considered as the chief factor in considering the growth or success of a website.

Every fortnight new UX design trends are coming up, where only few are managing to mark their presence effectively through providing intuitive user-experience. Website designs should not be only visually aesthetic but also interactive enough to hold the customer interests for a longer period.

In this blog, we are going to learn about 2017’s top 5 UX design trends in detail.

  • Age Responsive Design-
    • Website design technology got a new break when the word ‘responsive’ came into picture. Responsive websites took the world by storm, by providing the best user-experience across all the devices.
    • With growing generation gap, how it would be when there are websites tailor-made for each age group. Surely, when websites can change their nature based on the device, why not for the different audience group? Based on the stored data, or to be more precise, depending on cookies, the websites can appear in accordance to the users.
    • Age responsive design is the new UX design technique that can centralize the user-preference rather than the devices or any other factors.
  • Skeleton Screens-
    • A whole new approach that promises not only a good user-experience, but also better conversion rates for the website owners. This innovative UX design trend can be a perfect replacement for progress bar or spinner in representing the loading of a web page.
    • So any user who visits the website can be efficiently made to stay for longer time through this efficient skeleton screen approach. Web designers are at a greater privilege as the loading process comes in sequences to give the visitors a clear picture about the overall speed.
  • Animated CTA buttons –
    • Your website is highly functional and visually aesthetic but still failing to generate leads? Gain attention and acquire the best conversion rates through including CTA buttons. Also, rather than a simple one, it would be more effective if you go with an animated CTA button.
    • The website design trends are evolving rapidly, changing the way we once approached the static websites. CTA buttons have become a necessary addition to make the visitors more interactive and valuable to the website’s growth.
  • Spilt Screens-
    • When efficiency meets trend, it results in spilt screen design feature. With various screen divisions, the user gets to choose the relevant section accordingly, thus encountering with the best user-experience. Also, split-screen layout is considered as the best option for landing pages, where the customer gets to choose among various products.
  • Engagement of Bots-
    • Online business is all about how well you are connected with your respective audience group. With every unique approach, your business gets to stand out among the rest of your contenders.
    • Chatbots’ aka ‘chat robots’ is one of the new adoptions for interacting with the customers. For accessing any kind of information, a customer just have to seek out the respective chatbot. But what is the advantage? The best possible answer can be, your business will have a 24X7 online presence and the best resource to answer every query of your potential customers in real-time.