5 Definitive Ways to Improve Website Sales

Tip to Improve Website Sales
Instant coffee mix, instant food products, these things let you enjoy an instant taste of good food. Humans are used to instant results, but one cannot expect the same when it is about website sales. You can comprehensively work towards improving the website sales, but you cannot achieve the same instantly.

The harsh reality of business today, everyone has a website but they are no more than a boring brochure. The problem is people are not able to understand the power of this medium; they are underutilizing it, so even the results are Luke warm.

 The purpose of a website –

‘It gives businessmen a large platform to target a vertical market and do business with customers irrespective of geographical limitations, and grow and develop in their respective domain.

The purpose looks pretty much arresting and hence the reason we had 1.24 billion websites when the last survey was conducted in August 2017.

And do you know out of all the websites only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates? It’s definitely in our hands how we shape our websites. It might be the technology we use, the way we do coding, the content we develop, or the way we promote websites.

At the end of the day, if a customer leaves your website with a smile, you will see a snowball effect and can expect the same response from the rest of your audience. But even if one of the elements is not syncing on your website then you will have only cold responses for your sales department.

There are a lot of reasons a website may lose sale numbers. The website may have a bad design, unresponsive or not optimized for mobile devices, or the website ranking may not be good, or whatever the product you are giving is not of much use for your customers. But the end result is same, you will lose sales.

In this post, we will learn things you can work on your website and see how it will improve the sale numbers or the conversion rates as we address in online marketing.

Improve your Website Sales by following these methods

1. Perform On-Page Optimization

A website with no/less visibility gives you zero result. Once you have a website running you have to make it search engine optimized. On-page optimization is basically a part of SEO that involves working on the elements within the website, so that search engine finds it useful and improves the visibility.

A website on SERP experiences larger conversion rates over a website that is available on the second or the third sheet of the search engine.

On-page optimization involves,

  • Creating SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Including ‘Modifiers’ & ‘keywords’ in the title.
  • Wrapping title & sub-headings in H1 & H2 tags respectively.
  • Following good coding practices to improve page load time.
  • Adding 2-3 internal links & outbound links.
  • Using structured data markup.
  • Optimizing images & videos

2. Write Clear, Attention-Grabbing Headline

Write headlines that sell. It’s one of the old marketing practices where journalists would create great headlines and their newspapers would sell like hotcakes.

You don’t have to be a journalist, but it’s good if you have a professional on board. Some tips you should follow,

  • Keep the headline straight and simple – Don’t explain too much, but try making the headline exciting and beneficiary.
  • Focus on ‘how-to’ headlines, as it appeals better.
  • Ask a thought-provoking question and make readers more eager to learn about your products and services.
  • Have keywords & include numbers (superlative)

3. Keep your Website Optimized for Mobile Users

As reported in Statista, the number of mobile users is expected to reach 5 billion mark by 2019. The point here is most of your customers are Smartphone users and if are using a static website, then you will definitely miss a great chance doing business with them.

This is not an ultimate secret, but if you want to improve website sales, then get your website ready for mobile users.

The internet landscape has changed a lot. People are concerned about other things than accessing the medium for information. They care about how conveniently they are about to do that.

Mobile devices clearly have a greater role in defining the success of a business. Back in 2013, in the month of May, a report from Search Engine Land showed that mobile devices accounted for 15% of all traffic.

Its 5 years from then. So think how larger that number might have grown?

So, keep your website mobile-optimized and improve the site visitor’s average time on site.

4. Define CTA at Every Conversion Point

If your complete website has only one or no CTA then it’s time you revise your website development strategy.

CTA without a doubt is the most important element of a website. It directs website visitors to take desired actions and make their journey easy and convenient. There are different conversion points in a website – a product page, landing page, blog page or it can be at any point where you will feel certain that it’s time you get something done from your customers.

The conversion process is different for each business. It might be a simple e-mail subscription, software download, or a product sale, but it is necessary that at each point on your website you should be having a well-designed CTA so a visitor can complete the action you desire.

High converting CTA has the following characteristics,

  • More use of action verbs over nouns.
  • Proper tuning between font style, color, size, and graphics.
  • Logical use of whitespace.
  • Benefit-oriented text.

5. Include Testimonials & Case Studies

If your brand is new in the market, people will definitely have apprehensions trusting your services and products. It’s almost like you have opened a new store or say salon in your locality. People will definitely take an opinion of your other customers before they take your service.

It’s the same thing for your website. The potential customers will develop trust and confidence if they come across case studies or testimonials, and are much more likely to do business with you.

If you visit Amazon, you can see they have put customer reviews for each and every product. It clearly shows their transparency in doing business and customers clearly appreciates such actions and will acknowledge by making a purchase.