Increase your Email Conversions with these 5 Key Strategies

Strategies For Email Conversions

Steve Linney, the founder of Emrktng, said, ‘A conversion is simply an action taking place on your landing page—or any other area of your website—that triggers an outcome you want to track.’ E-mail conversion is no different.You send an email to the target audience offering free goodies; they hit your landing page, and buy your products.

If we have to actually understand the term Email conversions or email marketing conversion rate, then it is the total percentage of subscribers who successfully completed the goal action.

Email Conversion Rate is given by,

Number of recipients who completed the Action X 100
Number of Emails delivered to recipients

Even as PPC ad campaigns continue to be expensive and ineffective, not to forget the adblockers, email marketing remains the most influential practice that provides businesses a direct line of contact with the respective customers.

It’s appreciative if you are already into email marketing campaign. And in case, if you feel that conversion rates are not good enough then this blog is for you.


Tip 1: Never rent/purchase a list

Instead of targeting only the specific or let’s say the potential audience if you randomly send emails to millions of people who are on the list, it’s a complete waste.

Tip 2: Check for Misspellings and Typos

To make sure that your message is not being delivered to invalid accounts check for simple errors and make sure you are removing any email address with the word ‘spam’.

Distribution email addresses don’t make much difference, so you can even remove them from the list. Use third-party services like BriteVerify or Email Answers to clean up your list and avoid using the email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or AWeber for the same.

Tip 3: Remove Inactive Users.

Contact only those who WAIT to hear from you and respond back. Remove all the email addresses that are just stacking up. Remember it is not the number of subscribers, but the number of active subscribers who define the success of an email marketing campaign.


You want the subscribers to convert but it is not just you who is email marketing (for the same product) gosh, it is definitely not an easy task to earn a customer, right?
So, how to beat the rest of the crowd?
Simple, create an offer that gives customer no other option but to convert.
Free, discount, sale, offer, words as such are very powerful and can activate the instincts of any unresponsive subscriber. Suppose your target audience is digital marketers, then your offer should read something like this,

‘Sign up and download best digital marketing tips e-book for free’

Pro tip: Push the visitors to sign up by offering ‘SUBSCRIBERS ONLY’ incentives.


Your email conversion rate will be accountable only if the subscribers respond. And one of the factors that affect the response rate is the call-to-action button.
You have created a beautiful promotional email that has everything. A strong subject line, an irresistible offer, but still, you find that your customers are not converting.
It happens when your subscribers fail to proceed further through a CTA button.
So, my advice here,

        • Keep CTA button text large and legible.
        • Use short but action-oriented text.
        • Use bright colors, leave more white space.
        • And most importantly test your buttons (they should be clickable)


What is the probability that out of 100 emails, your message will be picked or read by your customer?
It’s a common practice and a repeated mistake followed by everyone.
No one, well, sorry, but most of them do not fill the SUBJECT LINE until the last minute. This is where marketers or business people essentially fail to get their emails noticed from their potential customers.
A subject line is very important for any email campaign. It should be short, subject-centered and personalized.
A subject line written with random thoughts, well, let me be more precise here. A subject line written in haste will never CONVERT. It should be strategically written in few words, addressing the pain points of the subscriber.
Some words may work, some do not and the best way to know which subject line converts is to perform split testing.
What elements can you split test in a subject line?

        • The length, should it be short or long?
        • Should it be personalized (adding subscriber’s personal details)
        • The company name/brand, should it be included?
        • Words, capitalization, and punctuations.


        • As of February 2017, mobile devices accounted for 49.74% of web page views worldwide (Source:
        • 80% of internet users own a Smartphone (Source: Smart Insights)

People today spend a considerable time on their mobile phones. So it’s clear indication that your email marketing campaign should be directed towards the mobile users.

You’ll be leaving a good amount of sale numbers up for grab if you fail to keep your website mobile optimized.
Compared to desktop websites, the mobile sites promise greater conversions and as an email marketer, you should know this.

Use Email on Acid and test your emails across multiple apps and devices.