Top 5 Crucial Web Design Elements to Optimize the Conversion Rates

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What is a good website? Hmmm, it is a website, which every user finds useful, and every business person finds profitable. But what does it take to witness such possibilities? I believe that it’s truly not a head-breaking task, but web designers should make some crucial decisions that will define the purpose of a website.

The choices here are the elements/components, which should be present on every website so that the business would take off with sufficient leads. In other words, I would say people should be at ease while doing business with your website.

In this post, we will learn about the elements that can bring in the organic traffic and drive leads for any website.

Web Designing: The Elements of Choice

It is best I don’t call them as the elements of choice because every element which will be discussed should be there on every website.

  • Intuitive Navigation/Layout
    • Your website should not be a maze without a map. Even if I think about it, I know that it will not take more than a minute to abandon the website. Web designing is considered the state of art, so, stuffing your home page with every element is not going to help.
    • The website visitors should easily navigate between categories and sub-categories; so look for the best menu designs from the myriad of options, which are available.
    • In short, make sure that people are not lost in your website.
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
    • Do you how crucial a CTA button is? Sometimes, even the position and typography of a CTA holds a major significance.
    • CTAs drive the website visitors to do some sort of action, so the appearance should be compelling and prominent enough to achieve that.
    • Conversion rate depends on the power or you can say the features of a CTA button.
  • Color Theory & Psychology
    • Making a color choice without understanding the underlying psychology can be an expensive mistake. The most neglected area in web designing is picking the right set of colors.
    • Actually, one cannot consider the color theory or its psychology as the element of a website; rather it can be treated as one of the major web designing principles.
  • Color Theory & Psychology
    • Why should a customer visit your website and do business, like why should he trust you? Do you have any answer for such questions?
    • Yes, and don’t worry I will not ask you for a one-on-one session with every new visitor; rather, add stories, the journey of your organizations with the actual images (like avoid stock images).
    • This is one of the actual ways that one should promote their brand and build credibility among the respective customer group.
  • Search Function
    • What? Are you serious? Obviously, no one can forget such a basic thing? But trust me; people are clever enough to do such things. Instead of taking the long navigation system, the customer can easily find products in a snap if there is a search box.
    • The search box exemplifies the UX web design principle, which shows nothing but the usability factor. It is time-saving and makes data searching an effortless action.