How Influencers Play A Vital Role In Social Media Marketing


Gone are the days when citizens considered a product a good product only when a celebrity advertises it on the TV. Today, we have influencers on social media platforms, driving netizens to make decisions, and making marketers and brands collaborate with the influencers.

The influencers are not someone who have started marketing products out of nowhere. Why influencer marketing works is because they have gathered their followers with a lot of effort and time, and it works for marketers and brands quite well.

Influencers with high followers means large number of audiences. Talented influencers continue to attract relevant audience which help brands reach wider audience.

The Importance of Influencers In Social Media Marketing


When a brand starts a social media handle and starts posting, it is a long way to get them the exposure. Every social media user decides whether to follow, like, and share a social media handle or posts, which doesn’t make it easier for a brand to market your products efficiently and successfully.

People follow a person because they are offering content regarding a niche that both the influencer and the users are interested in. Influencers, who have a large follower count, have a greater chance to exposure to your target audience.

 This connection between the influencers and their followers help reach the grand to the right audience.

Providing Information

The internet has always been about sharing and delivering information, apart from connecting. While earlier digital platforms used to inform on a straightforward level, social media marketing focuses more on building brand awareness.

The influencers with organic followers are trusted to provide with most genuine information or reviews about products. And even brands find it easier to collaborate with influencers who share honest experiences of the product.

Gather trust

Once an influencer really starts using, liking and sharing honest reviews about your products, you are on the route of slowly gaining trust from the followers. The influencers motivate their followers to buy and use a brand’s product. Since the followers have had a good experience with the influencers before, they consider buying the products solely based on the influencer’s opinion. 

Sharing coupon codes

 Have you come across a social media post where the influencer shares a customised coupon code with you, and often uses their name or channel name? This is one of the best influencer marketing strategies, as although the brands are distributing coupon codes, it is only limited to a certain group of the audience making it valuable and worth trying out.

At the same time, if these codes were everywhere, like on the brand’s eCommerce website or in other market places for everyone to have it, will generally make it valueless and make customers avoid it.

Choosing The Right Influencer For Your Brand

 If your brand sells gaming mouses, you will not find your relevant audience if you collaborate with an influencer who makes makeup-related posts. Here is a simple guide to finding out what kind of influencer you should target.

Focus on relevancy rather than the count of followers. While an influencer with millions of followers is a way to bring great exposure to your brand, you have a lower chance of an audience that actually cares about your product.

Try to keep track of and understand the existing content of the influencer, and their collaboration posts with other brands. See how the followers respond to those posts, and also understanding their existing content will make you realise whether their practice fits with your brand’s vision.

Looking for social media marketing services?

If finding the right influencer for your brand is not working for you, why not work with an internet marketing company or take guidance? Surely you will cut down your stress significantly.