What Are the Various Types Of Google Penalties, And How Can They Be Managed


Google has a strict set of rules and restrictions, and websites that violate them frequently face actions. While some are created automatically, others are enforced by Google employees. These are also known as Manual Action Penalties. One of the most significant disadvantages of the Google penalty is that it has a significant impact on your website’s traffic.

Due to penalties, you would not be able operate at the same level of efficiency, and you may also be forced to restart. We’ve attempted to highlight some of the penalties Google applies and how to mitigate them in this blog.

Penalty for Manual Action

Certain skilled engineers are assigned the responsibility of reviewing web pages on Google and imposing fines. Your website may be penalised if it contains pure spam, deceptive redirection, a hacked site, or keyword stuffing. However, given Google’s ability to review the penalty, you as the website owner may always request a review after resolving the issues.

The reliance of websites on search engine optimisation has also raised the likelihood of your website including unnatural links. These outbound links on your website are false and fake, making a penalty unavoidable. To avoid this penalty, it is recommended that you do a deep clean of your purchased links and an audit of your external connections.

An expert SEO service provider can be an excellent alternative because they possess an extensive understanding of the particular industry. They employ dependable link analysis technologies to assist you in identifying and removing spammy and unnatural links from or to your website.

Spam Created by Users

Occasionally, website visitors will spam your blog’s comment section or other sections such as forum sites, where spamming is common. Google feels that cleaning all of this is your job and that if you do not take proper action promptly, it will impose user-generated spam on your website. It does not indicate to you, like the internet’s spammer but to your active user base.

To combat this spam, it is recommended that you conduct a quick evaluation of the regions of your website that are susceptible to spam. The website’s postings and blog entries are two of the most frequently visited places by users. A deliberate strategy should be taken to remove and filter these comments from your website.

Spam in the Content

Be cautious if your content is plagiarised! Your website may be subject to a content penalty in the near future. It is critical to detect and remove this information from the website quickly. You may always switch to improving and rephrasing information that contains a low percentage of repetition. Additionally, you may opt to go offline for a period of time and focus on deleting the thin stuff.

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