Using Facebook Live to Build a Brand

facebook live

‘Facebook Live’, the feature made live broadcasting a simple concept and easy to happen. In this blog post, we will see why Facebook Live feature has been gaining so much ATTENTION, especially when it is something like developing a brand?

Simple as it may seem, but questions as such are forming more and of course with more knots. For instance, a question like this can make anyone, say a digital marketer to think.

We might say it’s an easy job for a professional, but aren’t every professional will be adapting to same contrivance(s)?


‘How to engage the audience in an engaging way?’

Simple, go LIVE, interact with them in real-time and push the freshness of the content to the whole new level.

If you prefer a simple answer with few words, then use the NEW ‘Facebook Live’ feature.

Hands-down to this feature, because study across the globe asserted that organizations are capitalizing on this new channel marketing their brand and attracting loads of people in that defined time frame.

It was newsworthy when this online social media platform launched the Facebook Live feature, and the graph below definitely accounted for the hype it created.

facebook live feature popularity graph

Source: Businessinsider

Do you have a Facebook Account? Then go live in few simple steps.

All you have to do is,

  • Tap on the “update status” option.
  • Choose the “Live Video” icon.
  • Write a description.
  • Select the audience.
  • Voila, Go Live!!

Ps: you can find the ‘Live’ feature in normal ‘update status’ prompt.

Businesses & Brand: How to tap the potential of Facebook Live Feature for Brand Development?

People love watching videos, pre-recorded ones; well, they are good compared to static images, but a live recording? People will not afford to take their eyes off the campaign if one is going on.

So can we see it like this, a mathematical version how things work in the marketing world?

Define it as the degree of effectiveness,

Image < Pre-recorded Video < Live Video

  • Give the Brand Experience to your Potential Target Audience
    • It’s always a million dollar question, how to invoke feelings from the target audience for your brand?
    • Right, again people say you should create a strategy that involves you, where you have to display your feelings and emotions for your brand, compelling the same response from the audience you seek.
    • To do that,
    • Host a live event and give a live tour of the store. Give the viewers a peek behind the scenes and the essence of your effort in keeping the process flow.
    • Building a brand implies creating brand awareness, so when you personalize your marketing approach, people will unquestionably have a better connection with your brand.
  • Launch New Products Live!!!
    • Calling in every media, a VIP for the ribbon cutting ceremony, and broadcasting the same at the prime hour, well it’s a typical marketing trick followed by big enterprises to tell people around the world about their brand or a new product.
    • Also, there is no denying that it works, but at what price, surely not without a massive investment, right?
    • The Facebook Live feature alternatively offers cost advantage and an exclusive opportunity with a set of factors in promoting the brand same way to the audience.
    • You don’t have to spend a copper and the only effort you have to make is to market the event in the best way possible and have as many numbers of audiences as you can get for the hour.
    • Ps: Don’t forget to ask feedbacks.
    • Because it shows you are valuing their presence and appreciate their time.
    • Today we can even watch red carpet events live and it’s not just the product launch of course.
  • Host Webinars & Answer FAQs
    • Suppose your brand represents baby products, and then who would be your target audience?
    • Of course, new parents.
    • So target them, address the issues they face through webinars and explain how your products would make their life easier.
    • Now, how to bring in more audience?
    • Simple,
      • – Market the event on all social media pages, before the actual event.
      • – Invite as many people as you can, whom you feel might be useful for the business.
      • – Encourage your brand followers to share/invite others.
    • Once you live stream a video, address the audience and encourage them to ask questions, respond to them and seek for the feedbacks.
    • The video, once it gets updated under news feed will again be a benefit for your business if it turns out to be informative and valuable.