How to Create A User Friendly Website

User Friendly Website

Having a website for your business is no more a suggestion, but it’s a requirement today. A website not only helps a business to be found on the Internet, but it also helps to market and sell services and products to both domestic and foreign customers.

Users today are extremely demanding when it comes to website design and its functionality. So it’s very important to design a user friendly website. There are many factors which need to be kept in mind for this. To start off with, let’s look into a few of them. A successful user friendly website includes a combination of the below elements.

  1. Create a Call-to-Action Button: For a small business owner, there would be nothing worst then losing a potential buyer. To convert a prospective buyer into a sale, call to action button on each webpage is very essential. They shouldn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete an inquiry.
  2. Keep it Simple: Simplicity is one of the fundamental principles of a UX design. It’s a key factor which helps the website to get visitors from A to B. Overcrowding your website with buttons and images will confuse the user and will lead to high bounce rates. At the same time, over-simplifying will result in loss of ideas and a poor user experience. Hence it’s very important to just keep it right.
  3. Navigation: Navigation is the most critical aspect to a user friendly website. The user must seek the required information instantly, and the navigation should be effect less. The menu bars must be instantly visible and remove the multiple layers from the navigational menu if any. Having many sub menus is a terrible user experience. The user should not go through so many sub menus to access his required information. Some of the common navigation buttons in the header section are Home, About, Contact Us etc.

Apart from the above one can also look into aspects like making the information readable, responsive website , good use of white space, use one or max 2 colour scheme, incorporate chat functionality, choose readable fonts, include social media icons etc. With these points not only will prospective customers feel welcome to your website, but they will visit your website again and will also recommend it to their peers.