Common Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

The current pandemic of the covid-19 has led to a tremendous acceleration in the e-commerce business. The ecommerce website became the sole source of profitability and sales. Those businesses that did not have website also realised the vitality, and have joined or are in the process of joining the ecommerce platform.  While many business owners mistakenly see eCommerce as a set-it-and-forget-it, proposition the ones who do experience success are those who know what a serious undertaking it is and that it’s a continuous process of learning, evolving and improving.

Let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid while designing an ecommerce website:

Wrong eCommerce Platform: Selecting the right eCommerce platform lays the foundation for your business success. It’s essential to ensure that your website design can scale-up as your business grows. If you don’t, you may face some expensive (and time-consuming) obstacles in the future.

Desktop-Only Site Design: More than 50% of the people online access the internet on their smartphones. Responsive design is not just a requirement but a necessity for e-commerce stores and it is very important to optimize every ecommerce site so that it is compatible with and that can be viewed and accessed across all screen resolutions and devices.

Ineffective CTA: The most amazing website will fail without the CTA button that tells your customer what exactly he/she must do to express their interest and get the best offers from your website.

Complex Navigation and Poor UX: If your site navigation use confusing terms, if your content is hard to find, or if certain features aren’t working properly, users will get frustrated and go somewhere else.

Slow Loading Site: If your site is too slow, most of your visitors will drop off and never come back. SEO audits can help you resolve any issues with your website’s loading time.

No SEO Strategy: The success of a website comes down to how well it ranks on the major search engines. Being featured on the first page of the search results requires your website content to be written with both the user and SEO in mind.

Apart from the above there are things like lack of security, complex checkout process, no retargeting customers, poor visuals, lack of payment options etc also that must be taken into consideration. However, with a little awareness and alertness, you can get past these obstacles and can improve your website ranking and expand your business globally.