Web Analytics- Analyze your Performance

Web analytics is the science of studying the nature and behavior of your website traffic through specific web analytics software designed to track the movements of your web visitors. The data collected and interpreted from your website can then be used to develop a watertight Internet marketing campaign that will help your business grow at a rapid rate.


Their developers are very helpful and good in communication with constant updates on the web development project. It was easy to work with them in getting my website developed.

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Mumbai, India

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Adroitte Advantage

Adroitte, a Web Analytics Company based in Bangalore, India, provides comprehensive web analytics services needed to optimize your website and turn your existing marketing campaigns into a success. We will install the most relevant web analytics software into your website and then utilize it to give you reports, analyze data and provide recommendations needed to get the most out of your website.

Our Approach to Web Analytics

At Adroitte, we guarantee the effectiveness of our web analytics program in two ways. Firstly, we make sure that your website is enjoyable and easy to work with from the customer’s point of view. Secondly, we create a sustainable web analytics plan that is inclusive of the right tools and functionalities needed to drive your Internet marketing campaigns. As your web analytics consultant we will provide

  • Web Analytics Implementation & Integration that helps establish your company’s brand and website goals through the most relevant web analytics software and provision of a sustainable integration plan for easy generation of data
  • Competitor Analysis that gives you an in-depth understanding of your online competition, which then lets you employ the best tools to create better visibility, site optimization and online marketing to be the best within your industry circles
  • Onsite Analytics including Online Dashboards, Clickstream Analysis, Conversion Walk, Campaign Analysis and Segmentation Analysis that will help gain vital metrics about visitor behavior which then acts as a catalyst towards improving the usability of your website
  • Offsite Marketing Analytics including  Demand Generation Dashboards & Analysis, ROI Calculations, Campaign Budget Management, Pathing & Landing Page Effectiveness and Offline (TV/Print) Integration that is used to create brand awareness and generate quality leads
  • Experimentation & Testing inclusive of Test Design & Planning, Landing Page Testing and Conversion Optimization that will provide a clear understanding of how your customer interacts with your website
  • Social Media Analytics that employs the latest tools to gain insight from online social media conversations which in turn can increase your online effectiveness
  • Google Analytics that uses the free analytics tool by Google to identify the best performing keywords, monitor your click-through rates and track your ROI within the web analytics India scenario

Why choose Adroitte as your web analytics consultant?

Adroitte has both the experience and expertise in web analytics India to understand a site’s successes and shortcomings and provide you with the right solution to thrive in the Indian online scenario. Our diverse clientele belonging to various sectors inclusive of the Automotive, Lifestyle and Wellness, Financial Services, Retail, and Travel industries have benefited immensely from our web analytics services by gaining a higher conversion rate and increasing their overall profit margin.

Advantages @ Adroitte

  • Provision of cost-effective and flexible engagement models  that are easy to deploy, maintain and customize.

  • Seamless cross-platform measurement that enables easy linking of data from PCs, mobile devices, applications, video, and social platforms to provide a full customer view.
  • Accurate measurement of marketing campaigns and engagement across key metrics based on user action metrics and attribution models.
  • Experienced web analytics professionals providing unrivaled analysis in all mainstream web analytics tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Unica NetInsight, Coremetrics, WebTrends, ClickTracks, and more.
  • Creation of visual dashboards that allow you to monitor data flow effortlessly for better business decisions.
  • Social media analytics to track data across various social media platforms that your company is active in.

Searching for a web analytics company that can provide results-focused web analytics services tailored for the present day dynamic digital environment. Contact us or request a free quote and we will set up a unique plan that will help you achieve both your short-term targets and long-term goals.